Scholarships and traineeships

Scholarships and internships grants are an essential component of the Belgian development cooperation.

Who can apply for a scholarship grant?

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Only citizens of partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation are entitled to a scholarship grant.

These countries are: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC), Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Palestine, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda.

Six former partner countries are currently in an exit strategy, which means the cooperation programmes with them will gradually close and be fully discontinued by 2019. It concerns Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa and Vietnam.

During this exit phase, which solely concerns governmental development cooperation, funds may be liberated for these countries for the Scholarship Programme following consultation on how ongoing interventions may be consolidated and finalised.

Note that the Scholarships Programme is terminated in Rwanda and Mozambique, while the Scholarships Programme has not started yet in Burkina Faso and Guinea.

In Morocco, DR Congo, Senegal, Tanzania, Burundi, Benin, Bolivia, Algeria, Vietnam, Palestine or Uganda, the Scholarships Programme focuses on institutional capacity building and organisational development. Based on pre-defined and transparent criteria, beneficiary institutions or organisations are identified by the scholarship project officers and other BTC intervention officers, in the sectors and zones of concentration of the Belgian governmental development cooperation. Based on the same criteria, these organisations will select candidates who will then benefit from a scholarship in view of training. As far as possible, the training requested will fall under the training plans elaborated by these partner organisations. The retained scholarships are then financed by the BTC interventions while respecting gender parity.

Citizens of Niger, Mali, Peru, South Africa or Ecuador: Contact the Belgian Embassy in your country. You can find the addresses on the website of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs.

Since these countries are in a transition towards the new scholarships approach or fall under the exit strategy, 'open individual scholarships' are still available. However, these 'individual' scholarships will also have to meet general criteria of sustainability. This means that the Scholarships Programme launches a general call for candidates, regardless of whether the candidates belong to a selected organisation/institution. Priority is given to candidates from the sectors and zones of concentration. Exceptionally, scholarships can be granted to other sectors.


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