Who we work for

BTC works for the Belgian government and for other commissioners. Its main commissioner is the Belgian State.

BTC executes the direct bilateral cooperation of Belgium with its partner countries. This governmental cooperation accounts for 87% of BTC’s turnover.

Through its International Services department, BTC carries out missions on behalf of other clients such as the European Commission and the World Bank. Its interventions are often co-financed with other donors (countries or organisations), thereby heightening their impact and enabling economies of scale.
This form of cooperation allows BTC and other bilateral aid organisations to exchange experiences whilst strengthening their own interventions. It also means they can offer their expertise to beneficiaries and consultancy companies in both Europe and partner countries.

The shortage of implementing agencies on the international market makes BTC a sought-after partner for implementing projects and programmes on behalf of clients other than Belgium, principally in the Great Lakes region. These interventions enable BTC to compare the quality of its activities with the benchmark set by other organisations and to apply the principles set out in the Paris Declaration.