Junior program

Young people who want to deal with development, get your first work experience through the Junior Program.


Selection procedure

Every year the Junior programme organises two selection procedures. Each procedure consists of three parts: A pre-selection, a written test and a spoken test. As a whole, this procedure takes 3 months.

When to apply?
When you meet the 5 conditions for admission you can apply during the application submission period. The call is published 2 times a year on BTC's website for about 10 days. This is the only time you can apply. Spontaneous solicitations make no sense. Have a look at the calendar for future calls.
If you want to be informed automatically, you can join our mailing list

How to apply?
You can only apply via an electronic CV that is made available to you on the BTC website following the call for applicants.

1. Pre-selection

After concluding registrations all candidates are assessed against the criteria. All candidates are informed via e-mail whether they advance to the following stage or not: the written test.

2. Written test

Candidates who meet all criteria, are invited by email to participate in a written test, where they'll be asked to show their printed invitation.
This written test is organised in Brussels by Selor in the month following the call (see also calendar). The exact date and place are mentioned in the letter of invitation.

This test is a computer test that has to be done within a set timeframe. It consists of 3 parts:

  • Situational judgment test
  • Verbal reasoning skills
  • Mailbox exercise

Participation to this test is required to be able to continue the selection procedure.
For more information on these tests, you can consult the Selor website in dutch or french:

3. Oral test

The 70 best successful candidates (at least 60% on written test) are invited by e-mail for the oral test. The oral test is taken in Brussels by BTC, a few weeks after the written test. (See also calendar).

The oral test consists of

  • a personality test,
  • an individual interview and
  • an "assessment center": a group exercise in which the applicant is put in a certain situation and has to interact with the other candidates.

Candidates can choose from a limited set of days to do this test.
Mind: To be able to "plan" all candidates, they have to confirm their attendance for the oral test well in advance. We organise written and oral tests in search of a general profile. Candidates are screened against certain characteristics (motivation, mindset, etc.) that are indicative of how a Junior would function in the field.

Not passed?
If you do not pass, you can apply in response to a later call for applications, on the condition that you still meet the admission criteria at that time.
Candidates who have passed the written test, but were not among the 70 best, or who failed the oral test, are exempted for the written test if they participate to a new selection procedure; this exemption counts for the next two selection procedures.
Mind, they do have to respond to the call for applicants again though and still have to meet all admission criteria applicable at that time. The result of the preceding written test is used when ranking the candidate among peers.
A candidate may also redo the written test. He/she must mention this in his/her application file submitted in response to the call for applicants. Mind: In this case, the last grade will be used as a reference even if it turns out to be lower than earlier test results.

If you pass all tests, you join the Junior Programme recruitment pool.
This is not a guarantee though for actual recruitment as a Junior Assistant. Selected candidates are invited by e-mail for a special evening information session during which the further procedure is explained.

4. Publication of job openings & application period for recruitment pool

After each selection procedure all available job openings for Junior Assistants are published on a website which is only accessible to candidates who are in the recruitment pool. In other words, these successful candidates can apply 2 times per year for job openings (until their 31st birthday).
Each publication period they are invited to apply for one or more of these positions and fill out a motivation form. This is also an occasion for them to update their CV.
The first selection is performed at headquarters in Brussels; we check whether the profile of the candidate fits the job(s) chosen. The most suitable profile(s) are forwarded to each project.
It is the project that has the last say in the final selection of any candidate.

5. Recruitment

If the project picks you, you are officially assigned to the job and invited for a mandatory 2-to-3-week pre-departure briefing in Brussels.