Partnerships & alliances

Developing and maintaining partnerships and alliances in Belgium and abroad is one of the strategic priorities of BTC.

In the projects and programmes in the South this seems evident; after all these are executed in consultation with the beneficiary instances, organisations and other donors via formal consultative bodies and steering groups. But BTC also wants to maintain an extensive network of partnerships and alliances in Belgium and internationally.

In Belgium

BTC maintains excellent relations with different organisations of direct and indirect development cooperation in Belgium. NGOs, universities, consultancies … are natural allies.
With its ‘Espace Jacqmotte’ BTC can provide meeting rooms and modest conference capacity, which is regularly used by the sector. Step by step ‘Espace Jacqmotte’ is becoming the meeting place of Belgian development cooperation.

BTC also wants to start partnerships in Belgium with public and semi-governmental organisations and with institutions of the federal state, the regions and communities. After all, their civil servants have the expertise that can be very useful in strengthening the institutional capacity in the partner countries.

In Europe

In search for strategic partnership (consortiums, commissioners) for Belgian cooperation, BTC invests a lot of energy in the relations with the European institutions in general and the European Commission in particular.

Since April 2009 BTC has been a member of the ‘Practitioners' Network for European Development Cooperation’, an open platform for exchange, coordination and harmonisation between European actors in development cooperation.

BTC is a founding member of Eunida, the European Network of Implementing Development Agencies. It is a grouping of European agencies with a mandate to develop, manage and implement development programmes. The Eunida secretariat is located at BTC’s head office in Brussels.

  Download the EUNIDA infopack (English, 30 pages, PDF, 1,6 MB) 

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