Despite rich natural resources and sustained economic growth in recent years, poverty rates have declined only marginally in Tanzania. Major challenges include poor infrastructure, low agricultural productivity, and inadequate public services, for example in health and education. As a result, about a third of the population live below the poverty line. The latest UN Human Development Index (2011) ranked Tanzania 152nd of 187 countries.


How we work together

Belgium has been a development partner of Tanzania on since 1982. Current cooperation is governed by the 2010-2013 Indicative Development Cooperation Programme (IDCP), an agreement based on the policies and needs of the two governments.

The 2010-13 IDCP has a budget of EUR 60 million and is the first to limit cooperation to two priority sectors, a result of Belgium's commitment to harmonisation of aid.


What we do

Local Government Reform

Tanzania is undergoing complex reforms to decentralise responsibilities and resources to local authorities: ensuring they can deliver services is an effective means of achieving development that benefits the people. Belgium supports this sector through a multi-donor, basket fund approach (LG Development Grant System), as well as through projects (Procurement Capacity of LG Authorities).

Natural Resources Management:

Rural communities in Tanzania are highly dependent on natural resources for their income – through fishing, hunting, farming, or forestry. Belgium supports existing Tanzanian initiatives in which environmental conservation is prioritised alongside economic development. BTC works to improve planning and management of resources through projects such as the Beekeeping Support project in Kigoma region.

Additional sectors

BTC continues to implement projects formulated under previous IDCPs, in sectors including education, food security and water/sanitation. We also work directly with grassroots organisations through the MicroIntervention Programme and support access to education through the Scholarships project.